I can't tell you how many times a customer has come to the shop with a car they have just purchased to have me check it over to make sure there isn't anything that needs attention. 


There is nothing worse for me than having to tell an excited new owner that the car they purchased has a number of items that need to be repaired. 


We will perform a complete diagnostic scan, multi-point inspection and a road test.  After completing the pre-purchase inspection, we will advise you of the vehicles overall condition.  You can then feel confident negotiating to buy the car knowing you are not going to get bad news the first time you bring it in for service. 


Many customers armed with our findings have been able to get a much better deal and have told me it was the best money they ever spent.


We will perform a complete factory level diagnostic scan of all systems on the vehicle including:

  • Engine control system

  • Transmission control system

  • Airbag system

  • Heating and air conditioning system

  • Anti-lock braking and stability control system

  • Body electrical and lighting systems


A printout of the results will be available upon request.


We will raise the car on a lift and do a thorough inspection of all mechanical, electrical, suspension and safety items.  We can even provide you with pictures if needed.

        ROAD TEST



After completing the Diagnostic Scan and the multi point inspection, we will take the car for a short road test in order to evaluate the vehicles drivability and performance.